How it all began

On a warm midsummer morning when I was 7 years old I brought a small coffee table, chair, stack of dixie cups and a pitcher of lemonade to the sidewalk in front of the house I grew up in. I remember my goal was to sell enough lemonade to be able to finish building and decorating the clubhouse my Dad had started for me. I continued this, every afternoon that summer until I had saved all the funding I needed for the clubhouse. That fall, my clubhouse was completed with enough room for 5 kids to make bracelets, listen to the radio and play Monopoly in.

At 28 I started my first side business. I built and designed websites for family and friends, as well as consulted with them on hardware and software peripherals. I absolutely loved technology, data and all things web related. I got my hands on as many books and self-taught myself how to write code and create content using best practices.  Over the years, my love for IT, HTML, content creation, web design began to get sidelined for a career and family.  I decided that my love for digital technologies and helping small businesses, entrepreneurs and passionate companies needed to unite to create Oh Pro Social, LLC.

I want to make sure that I would step into my God given talent, skills and experience. My goal is to help YOUR business succeed in this noisy world!

About Andrea

Andrea Orellana has over 17 years of experience in web development, business process analysis, and information systems. Having worked in both the private and government sectors she has accumulated experience necessary for businesses to streamline, compete and market their products and services. Andrea also has experience working as a web and content marketing consultant in the healthcare  sector.

Andrea's entrepreneurial spirit and drive to help other entrepreneurs, small and midsize businesses is what drove her to open her own boutique agency.  After freelancing for over a year Andrea launched Oh Pro Social, LLC where she now helps busy entrepreneurs, authors, bloggers, business leaders, and organizations by creating and maintaining beautiful and engaging websites infused with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for better search results; as well as strategizing on digital marketing efforts for ROI, and managing and measuring their social media platforms to reach, engage and share with their target audiences.

Let's strategize your business!