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Andrea Orellana

Brand & Business Strategist, Project Manager

Andrea is an inbound marketing strategist, project manager, and business consultant who helps entrepreneurs, businesses, and non-profits automate and streamline their process, their websites and inbound strategy.

Over the last two decades, she has worked in both private and government sectors doing enterprise architecture, web and data analysis, systems analysis, and data validation.

Andrea is passionate about teaching twenty-somethings, mid-career and GenX entrepreneurs to rebuild and relaunch their personal and business brands, careers, and purpose.


With over 17 years of professional experience, working on software analysis, testing, implementing and improving many web and software applications and systems. As a web strategist, I work to design fresh, user-friendly websites and create content that your audience will share and engage with.


I work to create a culture with principles of trust, respect, and loyalty. I strive to create this culture in everything I see, touch and create. I believe that quality and effort deliver rewards for my brand and my clients.


Spending the time up-front in the strategy stage will not only ensure your website has a solid foundation to help you reach your goals, but it will also save you time later in the process due to the clear positioning, messaging, and the direction we’ve helped you develop.


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